Need Institute. Mission.

Need institute is a foundation whose main objective
is the promotion of medical research for the treatment
and rehabilitation of neurological diseases

Need Institute aspires to a complete satisfaction of the
needs of neurological patients, helping them approach and
benefit from the results of medical research, in order to
improve and possibly resolve their problems related to
their diseases.

Neurological research.
Problems and opportunities.

In the last two decades, medical research has produced a relevant amount of information and data relating to neurological diseases. This was possible thanks to new instruments, that couldn’t even be imagined up to a few years ago. New techniques for the Human Genome sequencing, innovative technologies for biomedical analysis (such as transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.) and increasingly more accurate and specific diagnostic equipment.
However, this undeniable progress has highlighted a frequent detachment between research and clinical practice. In fact, the present scenario offers a fast growing amount of knowledge that need to be transferred and evaluated in a clinical environment, in order to assess any positive result onpatients. In other words, this enormous amount of data is not always adequately transformed into an effective “day-by-day” medical assistance.

What does Need Institute do?

Need Institute follows the principles of Traditional Research. This implies a deep clinical and biomolecular
study of neurological patients in order to transfer these laboratory studies into a daily clinical practice.
However, Need Institute is also aware that patients are first of all persons.

Need institute follows an interdisciplinary model. It promotes and builds a network of doctors,
neuro-biologists, psychologists, bio-engineers and other professionals sharing and analysing clinical,
instrumental and biological data of neurological patients. This network should help the study and activation
of new e more effective medical treatments. A “virtuous circle” that can create relevant benefits both for
single patients and for the whole community.


Implementation of research results

satisfy the patients’ needs both from a clinical-therapeutic and
rehabilitation point of view. This type of activity is destined to
patients eligible for hospital or ambulatory treatments (in partner
Hospitals or Rehab centres).

Creation and promotion
of research projects.


  • Improve the understanding
    of the pathological process
    of neurological diseases
  • Identify possible
    diagnostic and prognostic
  • Develop new treatments
    that can be useful in daily
    clinical practice
  • Develop new synergies
    between research laboratories
  • Sustain specific research
    programmes for neurological

Education and publishing

the Foundation wants to develop
scientific communication activities
and educational paths for healthcare
assistants, the real actors of this
particular scenario.



Dott. Massimo Corbo

Massimo Corbo, Neurologist. He obtained his Medical Degree at Milan University, followed by a period as researcher at Columbia University in New York City. He worked for several famous Medical Institutes, among which Ospedale San Raffaele, Istituto Auxologico Italiano and Ospedale Niguarda Ca’ Granda, all in Milan, where he reached a widespread knowledge and experience in the Neurodegenerative and Neuromuscular diseases. At the present time, he’s the Director of the Scientific Committee of CCP (Casa Cura Policlinico in Milan), an advanced neurological rehabilitation centre.


Dott. Massimo Caprino

Massimo Caprino. He obtained his Business Management Degree at Cattolica University in Milan. He has worked for several international Business consultancy companies before joining the medical environment, where he operated both in the institutional (European Community, Italian Ministry of Education, Regional Bureaus), industrial and clinical environments focusing on technological and manufacturing innovation and its organizational implementation. At the present time, he cooperates with the Scientific Committee at CCP (Casa Cura Policlinico in Milan) as Innovation Director, developing research projects with a strong multidisciplinary, translational and transnational content.

Board of founders

Dr. Ernesto Panza

Dr. Emanuele Panza

Dr. Massimo Corbo

Scientific Committee – Members

Prof.ssa Laura Calzà

Neurobiology and
Pre-clinical studies expert

Dr.ssa Ilaria Dallera

Geriatric and
Neuro-rehabilitation expert

Dr. Marco Feligioni

and Translational Medicine expert

How to support us.

The amount of economic resources will determine the actual range of
action of the Foundation. Fund raising projects and specific
partnerships will help contribute to the cause. A work-in-progress
that will need everybody’s help, even yours.
How to support us:


iban IT36H0326801602052251035580


VAT number – tax code 97762860159


For further information regarding the Foundation and its projects,
please write to

foundation for cure and rehabilitation of neurological diseases